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Almost to the end of #BloomingLovely

Tonight marks the end of our summer. We have wrapped up our scheduled time with friends, travelling, cottaging. Now a week of laundry and getting back on sleep, eat, and activity schedules before school starts. I walked around the gardens … Continue reading

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So much #bloominglovely

I don’t want to be that person… the one who worries too much. But if we are having this kind of a May, what is August going to be like? I shall channel my inner Scarlett and worry about that … Continue reading

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Blooming Lovelies – start of May

What a weekend. Weekends like this are what they made the word “glorious” for. I wish I could have squeezed as much in as I tried to, but I had to listen to reason and postpone some stuff. The bits … Continue reading

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Blooming lovelies – end of April

Forgive me any typos in this post, my hands are a little frozen. I was just outside playing with the macro setting on my camera – and I came up with some snapshots that I love because they show all … Continue reading

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Everyday adventures: spontaneity and social media day

Apparently June 30th was social media day. To me it was a rather inconveniently placed PA Day that I got to spend with my kids. We woke up with no plans. I just had the niggling feeling mowing the lawn … Continue reading

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Everyday adventures

I buy greeting cards for myself. The ones with quotes on them, and images or pictures that grab me for some reason. I stick them on the wall above the table where I write and let them catch my eye … Continue reading

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