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The night before…

We had our last practice tonight, Josef and I. The universe knew it, and threw in some special moments to mark the occasion. A yoga class was finishing up as we were starting. Several people stopped to watch us, which … Continue reading

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Wherein I try and dance…

I met him. My dance instructor. His name is Josef, he’s been a latin and ballroom dance instructor for 40 years. All of his experience and all of his skill didn’t mean he looked down at me – someone who … Continue reading

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There is a song for everything….

I was driving the other day, contemplating the mysteries of the universe when a song on the radio tugged my thoughts out of my head and into some lyrics. “Invincible” by Hedley seems to be a perfect theme song for … Continue reading

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Just me and Suzie McNeill

If you’ve been seeing my tweets, you know I am at a huge conference in San Francisco. I also just got back from Prince Edward Island. I have so much to write about, I feel like a kid at Christmas. … Continue reading

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Why it's all worth it.

We head back to the studio tonight. If you follow me on Twitter you know we spend a lot of time there. Here’s why it doesn’t matter. The money, the elimination of all free evenings, me killing time while she … Continue reading

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Twitter, the musical

Twitter rocks for so many reasons. The information, the community, the “now” of it. I have cooed about how much I heart Twitter in a prior post. Twitter has always proven to be fun and fast. Now I know it … Continue reading

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Feeling the music.

Tonight was the end of dance season for kid2. Her name is Claudia. She is luckier than many grown ups I know, because at the tender age of six, almost seven, she has discovered something that she loves. Last summer … Continue reading

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