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Get out of “mad” free card.

Kid1 is grounded. In consideration of his privacy I will spare the details. Suffice to say I was cupping his face, his chin barely upturned as he’s almost eye to eye with me. I asked him a question. His answer made … Continue reading

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Pari Passu Onwards

I could have written this post months ago, but it never took shape. Alexandria Durrell did a neat blog post that spurred me to write this. Thanks @Clippo. No one gets married with an end date in mind. I certainly didn’t. I … Continue reading

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Pictures of letters say a *gazillion* words…

Time stamp: 10 p.m. ish Thursday night, placed on floor in doorway to his room, so he would see it when he first woke up. Time stamp: 6:00 a.m. ish this morning. Placed on my beside table, so quietly I … Continue reading

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Lipstick mornings

I am in bed. Fully awake, but nowhere near swinging my legs over the side, hitting the floor and getting on with today. Yesterday was bumpy, today sure to be berserk. So I have opted to skip the workout, enjoy … Continue reading

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