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The night before…

We had our last practice tonight, Josef and I. The universe knew it, and threw in some special moments to mark the occasion. A yoga class was finishing up as we were starting. Several people stopped to watch us, which … Continue reading

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Get out of “mad” free card.

Kid1 is grounded. In consideration of his privacy I will spare the details. Suffice to say I was cupping his face, his chin barely upturned as he’s almost eye to eye with me. I asked him a question. His answer made … Continue reading

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Perspective on a bad day

Having a bad day? You’re allowed. I am. Or I was until ten minutes ago. Pick a word. I was frustrated, mad, sad, despairing, grumpy, and not letting myself talk myself out of it, because gosh darn it I always … Continue reading

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Back to school voice mail.

I just called Memere. She wasn’t there, so I left a message on her answering machine. It went something like this: “Hi Mom, it’s Julie. I was just thinking about how it’s back to school day today, and ya Jeff … Continue reading

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The perfect present of presence.

Last night I was alone in my house. My kids and husband were at the cottage and I was in fits. I couldn’t focus on any one thing and there were strange noises, gaping silences, and eerie calm to deal … Continue reading

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Pari Passu Onwards

I could have written this post months ago, but it never took shape. Alexandria Durrell did a neat blog post that spurred me to write this. Thanks @Clippo. No one gets married with an end date in mind. I certainly didn’t. I … Continue reading

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Random thoughts: #GardenUp

When I was in high school I was friends with a guy who had a really funny name. It was funny because it was the same name as a celebrity. I have no idea where he ended up, but he … Continue reading

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