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The perfect present of presence.

Last night I was alone in my house. My kids and husband were at the cottage and I was in fits. I couldn’t focus on any one thing and there were strange noises, gaping silences, and eerie calm to deal … Continue reading

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Pari Passu Onwards

I could have written this post months ago, but it never took shape. Alexandria Durrell did a neat blog post that spurred me to write this. Thanks @Clippo. No one gets married with an end date in mind. I certainly didn’t. I … Continue reading

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Blooming Lovelies – start of May

What a weekend. Weekends like this are what they made the word “glorious” for. I wish I could have squeezed as much in as I tried to, but I had to listen to reason and postpone some stuff. The bits … Continue reading

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I spy a #freecompliment

I have written about #freecompliments before and really do hope people have checked them out. It’s a neat and easy way to bring more awesome into someone’s day. In fact, you can easily get equipped to spread some joy by visiting … Continue reading

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Blooming lovelies – end of April

Forgive me any typos in this post, my hands are a little frozen. I was just outside playing with the macro setting on my camera – and I came up with some snapshots that I love because they show all … Continue reading

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Morning gifts

I’m still in bed. I woke up a half hour ago and have been presented with gifts ever since. It’s not my birthday, it’s just a Saturday. Maybe a somewhat special Saturday because it’s a long weekend. Either way, since … Continue reading

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A gem from my bellow repertoire.

It happened tonight. I was at my desk, kids were cavorting downstairs, getting more and more rambunctious, more and more on each other’s (and my) nerves. I could feel tension building in my shoulders, it’s a story I know the … Continue reading

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