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Sparkle Steps

I wore sparkle flip flops the other day and someone asked me where the party was. I regret that my inside voice (which is snappish a la Rachel Lynde) came out when I replied. “I could die tomorrow,” I said. … Continue reading

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Year 29

It’s a combination of how big the number is getting, and how many people our (now middle, pushing 50) age are starting to deal with their own similar situations of loss and transition. The howling winds today don’t help, they … Continue reading

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The most important meal of the day…

I wrestled kid1 down to breakfast just now. He of the staying up late to read in his room. He of the matching body weight as mine, but all muscle. As I pranced victoriously around the kitchen, I said I … Continue reading

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The night before…

We had our last practice tonight, Josef and I. The universe knew it, and threw in some special moments to mark the occasion. A yoga class was finishing up as we were starting. Several people stopped to watch us, which … Continue reading

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Perspective on a bad day

Having a bad day? You’re allowed. I am. Or I was until ten minutes ago. Pick a word. I was frustrated, mad, sad, despairing, grumpy, and not letting myself talk myself out of it, because gosh darn it I always … Continue reading

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Pari Passu Onwards

I could have written this post months ago, but it never took shape. Alexandria Durrell did a neat blog post that spurred me to write this. Thanks @Clippo. No one gets married with an end date in mind. I certainly didn’t. I … Continue reading

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Goal Post: May 2012

The recipe for this month is easy, but it’s going to make quite an impressive dish: 2 dance competitions, one on the long weekend in Burlington… 3 incidents of wrinkle-inducing frustration from driving. At least. I’m sure. 1 family trip … Continue reading

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