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Mapping Memory Lane: Diary entries

Kid2 graduates from public school next week. She’s had a pretty good run with the expected rough patches but overall I think she’s leaving it behind with much less residual angst and awkward than I did. I’m going to go … Continue reading

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Sparkle Steps

I wore sparkle flip flops the other day and someone asked me where the party was. I regret that my inside voice (which is snappish a la Rachel Lynde) came out when I replied. “I could die tomorrow,” I said. … Continue reading

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Mapping Memory Lane: Ice Storm Popcorn

Dance season is upon us. After months of preparation it all comes down to four competitive weekends where we roll into various towns, set up an ops centre (usually under ridiculous circumstances like 40 people in a 6 by 8 … Continue reading

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A moment for the books

My niece turns eight next week, a fact that shocks me, I vividly recall being in the room when she was born. That is saying a lot for me – my memory is less than crisp (reminding myself to tell … Continue reading

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The most important meal of the day…

I wrestled kid1 down to breakfast just now. He of the staying up late to read in his room. He of the matching body weight as mine, but all muscle. As I pranced victoriously around the kitchen, I said I … Continue reading

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Get out of “mad” free card.

Kid1 is grounded. In consideration of his privacy I will spare the details. Suffice to say I was cupping his face, his chin barely upturned as he’s almost eye to eye with me. I asked him a question. His answer made … Continue reading

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Back to school voice mail.

I just called Memere. She wasn’t there, so I left a message on her answering machine. It went something like this: “Hi Mom, it’s Julie. I was just thinking about how it’s back to school day today, and ya Jeff … Continue reading

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