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Random thoughts: Blue Rodeo

Random thoughts posts are like free association on any particular topic. Here we go, Blue Rodeo version. If I became obscenely wealthy I would book Blue Rodeo to play whatever milestone event I had coming up next. I had a … Continue reading

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CostCo marriage advice

Kid1 and I were headed to Costco. I stupidly thought it wouldn’t be busy on a Thursday morning, but it’s busy all the time. I blithely strolled in, thinking there would be no crowd but my sweet jeepers was I … Continue reading

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Adventures in Citizenship

I woke him at 6 a.m. He’s always been a champion sleeper, the kind of baby some people resented because he slept through the night at six weeks of age. As I gently shook his man feet and the cat … Continue reading

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Mapping Memory Lane: Diary entries

Kid2 graduates from public school next week. She’s had a pretty good run with the expected rough patches but overall I think she’s leaving it behind with much less residual angst and awkward than I did. I’m going to go … Continue reading

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A word on birds…

I’m pretty out there as liking birds. Their imagery, plumage, symbolism. You name it. I like birdy everything. That’s why my ears pricked up leaving work the other day. Two women were walking ahead of me and they were commenting … Continue reading

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Dog Momming – the early days

When we were kids it was sea monkeys. The fabled creatures touted in the back pages of our comics, that had people faces, webbed feet, and arrived in the mail if you bought and saved enough coupon codes. I thought … Continue reading

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Sparkle Steps

I wore sparkle flip flops the other day and someone asked me where the party was. I regret that my inside voice (which is snappish a la Rachel Lynde) came out when I replied. “I could die tomorrow,” I said. … Continue reading

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