A bit about me

My name is Julie. I am a chirpy, happy sort who churns through each day with the firm belief that you get one kick at the can called life, so make it a good one. I also believe that we are people first, careers fourteenth (after family, friends, pursuits, cat videos on the Internet, and so on) however I have a day job that I adore and am proud of. I don’t get into that area of my world much on here, though. I just prefer to keep them separate.

I write when I am not overly committed to be two places at once, with kids who aren’t dressed yet, in a house that is dusty but tidy. I like gardening, reading, being active (which for me includes tap dancing, running, and puttering) and being outside. I have an intense attachment to my Fitbit and Twitter gives me more joy and entertainment than TV and some people I know in real life. I am often told I remind people of Lucy Wilde from Despicable Me 2, which I consider to be quite a compliment.

You can find me on Twitter @Jule_E or email me your nice thoughts at jeinarson6@gmail.com.

Onwards in good cheer,



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