RuckusMakersChallenge – day… (I’ve lost count)

I missed a day in the writing challenge.

Bygones. I’m still writing, riding the tail of comet energy that was RuckusMakers. I’m also watching The Voice right now, with kid2. No excuses, no banal guilty pleasure mumblings. I unabashedly love this show. I love it for showing people taking a deep breath and going for it. I love it for showing people don’t win everything, all the time – but they come away enriched by an experience they showed up for.

How many times have you been there lately? Taken a deep breath and stepped off a cliff – trusting you will learn to fly on the way down? I did it recently at work, taking a new undefined role. The transition is ongoing, and it hasn’t been easy but I’d rather be here looking forward, than back there averting my gaze. I guess that’s key to it all. That’s why, when I sit here with my 10 year old, and she asks if I’ve ever done something like try out, or aim high I can reply “Yes indeedy.”

I’ve tried out, showed up, and taken deep calming breaths before walking through doors, on stage, and even into conferences. Each and every time I came out the other side alive and well, with a story to tell. So! As I like to say, and as the tattoo on my arm reads, “onwards” – always in good cheer and with curiosity for what could be next.

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