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RuckusMakersChallenge – day… (I’ve lost count)

I missed a day in the writing challenge. Bygones. I’m still writing, riding the tail of comet energy that was RuckusMakers. I’m also watching The Voice right now, with kid2. No excuses, no banal guilty pleasure mumblings. I unabashedly love … Continue reading

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RuckusMakerChallenge – day three “Taking Note”

I have several addictions. I love accessories. Scarves in particular. I have a growing owl collection that causes me some concern. I never expected my lifelong fondness for owls would coincide with them being so widely available today, in so … Continue reading

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RuckusMakersChallenge – day two

A week ago today I started a journey. On one level it was simple. Wake up and leave the house before the kids stirred but while the cat yowled. Drive two hours to Syracuse – the border is remarkable simple … Continue reading

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#RuckusMakersChallenge – day one

Back in January, Seth Godin posted on his blog he was going to host a weekend seminar. The requirement to attend was to want to make a ruckus. Applicants needed to be as honest with themselves about their fears as … Continue reading

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A tale of four fives

Five number one I put on the desk as soon as I got into my hotel room at the Dylan on 41st St. I highly recommend it, for good value and amazing qualities like quotes about New York on every … Continue reading

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