Five things! Fun, frivolous things.

I love Twitter. That’s not one of the five things. This post is supposed to be me sharing five random things about myself, but first I want to thank Brandee @archeolemur – she’s one of the tweeps who make Twitter the human, heart-filled, and fun place I find it to be. She “tagged” me to do this, so here goes.

1. I am a freakish speed reader. It bothers the people I live with (my kids and hubby) but it’s true. I can scan something, have the gist of it, and be on to something else faster than you can say cottage cheese. I can also do word jumble puzzles with RainMan accuracy. Even when I’m driving and someone gives me seven letters, I can get the word in seconds. I have a mind for words. Numbers not so much.

2. On a scale of caveman to hacker, I’m past the mid way point of geek. I like technology and gizmos and digitally puttering more than I’d think, for how much I also like being outside digging in the dirt or just ambling around. My favourite tech objets d’art are currently my Nexus 7 tablet (given to me free by BestBuy in a promo for busy moms on Twitter). My wireless Bose speaker, my beloved first generation iPad (now basically an e-reader music player, but it was my appendage for so long I can’t part with it) and my Fitbit.

3. I love thrift store shopping. I love digging through stuff to find hidden gems, love the recycling aspect of it all and the look on people’s faces when I crow about something I’m wearing only cost me $7. When we were kids it was a necessity to shop there, now I feel like it keeps me prospecting in a way. The same goes for home decor, I love “found” objects, eclectic collections of things from travels or adventures, and antiques that show their age versus being in perfect shape.

4. I’m a twin. People who’ve known me for a bit find it odd they don’t know that sooner about me. We’re quite different, not just as sisters go, as people. She’s taller, leaner, and smarter than me but she thinks it’s all the opposite. She also has jet black hair and hazel eyes. Suffice to say I’ve heard every albino joke going.

5. I lack a poker face, everyone knows what I’m thinking, but I *never* say things out loud I really really hope will happen. I hold those inside and whisper wishes on stars, thistle puffs, and single sneezes (in our house, one’s a wish, two’s a kiss, and three’s a letter when it comes to sneezes) which is strange behaviour from a sworn optimist. I guess I feel like tender hope can get buffeted if it’s out there in today’s rough world, so I feel protective of it.

That’s a fairly random sampling of things about me… I won’t tag anyone, but invite anyone reading this who wants to, to go ahead and do this as well. It’s a fun exercise to sit and ponder for a moment. Thank you Brandee for the brain break and for including me in the company of your lovely friends who also blog! This was fun!

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One Response to Five things! Fun, frivolous things.

  1. Jacqueline M. says:

    Fun to learn a bit more about you. No big surprises, except the jumble while driving part. Rainman, indeed! Could come in handy, if ever you’re recruited by CSIS for code-cracking.

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