The most important meal of the day…

I wrestled kid1 down to breakfast just now. He of the staying up late to read in his room. He of the matching body weight as mine, but all muscle. As I pranced victoriously around the kitchen, I said I soon wouldn’t be strong enough to do that.

Kid2 corrected me.

“You’ll always be strong, mommy,” she said.

I asked her to explain.

“Well. You’ve been bitten by a snake and pinched by a crayfish and I didn’t see you cry.” She thought for a moment… “And you lost your dad really young but you said onwards and you tell us all the time how life is about never giving up and always looking forward.”

I became quite focused on the piece of toast I was buttering. Ducking my head felt like a better option than them seeing my eyes fill with tears. Kid1 chimed in “Ya, mom. You also have a strong will and you can be tough at the right times.”

I crushed them into a hug, my kidlets, my shine. They finish grade 7 and grade 4 today, and are now the people they will be, barring slight trajectory changes from life events. I will head off into my day standing taller and feeling fulfilled, from a three minute exchange in my kitchen this morning. Very nourishing breakfast, indeed.

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2 Responses to The most important meal of the day…

  1. onecrazykid says:

    Oh, I love this. So beautiful. Moments to cherish for sure.

  2. Jacqueline M. says:

    Really enjoyed reading this despite something getting in my eye right near the end…

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