The night before…

We had our last practice tonight, Josef and I. The universe knew it, and threw in some special moments to mark the occasion.

A yoga class was finishing up as we were starting. Several people stopped to watch us, which was in itself a help. Performing for an audience feels as natural to me as chewing tin foil. After a few run-throughs, two of the women said some kind and lovely things to us, using adjectives like “graceful” and “awesome.” Their yoga class might have addled their brains, but it was a tremendous boost for our final practice.

As we left the studio, I again for the tenth time walked into the mirror on the corner. It’s just part of my routine now, along with pushing when the door is pull and spraying water on myself at the fountain… except this time I stopped in my tracks. The gym had “Moon River” playing. You don’t hear that song much anymore, anywhere. Much less at GoodLife. It’s my goosebump, hug myself song which I will explain in a blog post sometime. Josef and I headed to our cars, and I asked him if there was a song that stops him in his tracks. He thought for a moment, then started humming. We stood in the breezy evening, him humming and me feeling quite definitely that I was having a moment. He asked if I knew the song, and I said it sounded familiar. He told me it’s a song from when he was a child, that gives him goosebumps and makes him get tears in his eyes.

I thanked him for sharing it with me. He gave me a high-five and we agreed to have fun tomorrow night, no matter what. See, tomorrow night is the end. It’s the final performance after months of practice and scurrying, planning and fretting. Tomorrow we dance our dance – which now feels like a weekly routine I perform that gives me perspective and reminds me how invigorating it is to live a full life. It reminds me to continue making choices that put me out there, trying new things, helping and giving – because I get so much more back in return. Tomorrow we dance and we hope the ultimate winner is Easter Seals and the children and families they support. We hope that Kingston and surrounding communities will be aware of the work Easter Seals does to help, and that they will be aware of the generous organizations, facilities, musician, chef, and sponsors who are helping make tomorrow night happen.

I have a few secret hopes for tomorrow night. I secretly hope that when our dance is done I have done justice to what Josef has taught me. He is a wonderful dance instructor and very patient man. I hope when I see my family and friends sitting there, that their faces are lit up with pride and not awkward horror. I hope it’s as exhilarating and terrifyingly awesome a time I feel that it will be, and I hope I don’t channel Janet Jackson in any way, shape, or wardrobe form.

Thank you everyone who has followed along. We shall see what tomorrow night brings! Onwards.

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  1. Brandee says:

    I am so very proud of and excited for you. You have worked so hard, and I know that you will make Josef proud. It will likely be pee-your-pants terrifying at first but listen to the music and trust your partner and together you will be so much more than amazing. I can’t wait to hear all about it and see some pictures from your big night.

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