Taking steps to learn the dance…

Every Friday afternoon I blast out of my seat, grabbing stuff and running for the door. Inevitably something has come up that makes me cut it close, so I’m already scattered by the time I run for the bathroom. I shut myself in a stall and quick change into workout clothes. Sidebar note: It’s crap to think a guy with shoulders as broad as Clark Kent could change in a phone booth if I can’t easily in a bathroom stall.

I go meet him. Josef. The most patient man I have ever met. Every week he teaches me something and every week I forget. Bitty bits stick. Like how my arms need to stay above my waist and that latin dance is about knees first, which bring the hips, which adds the hot sauce. Josef says he sees things in me that tell him I can dance. I tell him he’s sadly suffered a head injury.

Last week Josef and I were standing in the ready position (if there is one, I don’t know). Hands in hands, his one hand on my waist, mine on his shoulder. I was secretly promising to not eat salsa before dancing again (poor Josef) when he asked me something so insane I will forever remember the moment.

“Can you put your leg through our arms right now?”

I’m flexible. I can roll with things, adapt. Evolve, even. I’ve learned tricks since becoming an old dog. However my physical pliability is akin to that of gravel. You would have to break me into many small pieces to move me into certain positions. “Excuse me?” I squeaked.

“Can you put your leg through our arms right now?” Again, him with the fun accent and bright eyes.

I get a point for trying. I get a point for having an imagination wild enough that I thought I just might be able to. I do not get a point for stabbing him with the heel of my shoe, or grunting with exertion.

I meet Josef again tomorrow. I promised him I would work on raising my foot to chest height and maneuvering it through circled arms without causing damage or injury. Josef is a very brave and very nice man. It’s going to be a sad moment when I stab him again.

**There is now just over two months to the event all of these shenanigans are for. Dancing With the Easter Seals Stars is worth your support and attention. Thank you for following along as I try to make a difference by lending my time and ego to this event. I’m glad you are here, and so are the kids and families that Easter Seals helps. Donations are welcome – you don’t necessarily have to “vote” for me – but if you can give, the cause and end result is more than worth it.


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One Response to Taking steps to learn the dance…

  1. OverseasCanuck says:

    This sounds like seriously hard stuff!! Go Jules!

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