A gift of magic.

I was bustling around, doing the usual grab something, put it down, search for it routine that makes up my morning. Things were happily chaotic, the birthday girl bouncing around, making plans to construct the Lego that was her 9th birthday gift, when she stopped. “What is that…” I heard her mutter and the front door opened.

I came into the front hall to a sight straight out of a movie. The package was long, wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. There were feathers wafting around, and a letter sealed with red wax, addressed to Claudia. There are moments in life when you get to see a child poised on the edge of a magical moment, their imagination fully firing, their youthful hopes lit up. The package was longer than she is tall, the envelope had the Hogwarts crest in the top corner. She read it, it said “delivered via owl” and she gave herself over to the moment. With her wizard hat askew, she read the letter. She read it carefully, wondrously. Then she looked up at us and asked if we thought it really and honestly could be what she thought it was. We said she would have to open it.


Carefully cutting the twine, gently unwrapping it, she cooed, goggled, and didn’t know how to process how blown her mind was. Handmade, carved handle (ironwood!), raven feather tucked in the end. Her very own Firebolt 2013. We all stood there stunned. Her brother immediately thought it had to be from the neighbour, as there was no stamp on the package so it was hand delivered. Her dad and I immediately thought of her aunt and uncle, who are as creative as they are thoughtful, and patient enough to time such a gift to have maximum impact and unselfish enough to give such a gift without being able to see it’s recipient’s reaction. Claudia said “It’s just like the movie! I won’t find out until the end who it’s really from!”

Letter from Hogwarts

She hopped down the front walk on it, alternating skipping and pretending to take off into the air. I heard her brother mumble that it looked so real he thought it might actually work. It was a moment as a family we will never forget. It was a moment that proves there is such a thing as magic.

Enjoying her magic moment

Enjoying her magic moment

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3 Responses to A gift of magic.

  1. Jacqueline M. says:

    Wow, that’s simply amazing! Whoever came up with this deserves huge kudos!! I actually teared up at the end of your tale. What a lucky girl! Happy 9th birthday, kid2!

  2. Kim says:

    Somebody loves you all very much. So thoughtful, kind, creative well the list goes on.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Amazing! Beautiful story, and a lucky girl!

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