I hope to dance…

I’m lots of things. I’m a mom. I’m almost (which means I’m never perfect, rarely the worst, just almost). I’m a firm believer in onwards, which to me is the art of no regrets and putting your heart into all that you do. All of these factor into the “why” behind my next adventure.

Easter Seals Ontario help kids with physical disabilities to succeed and to thrive. The Kingston chapter runs an event called Dancing with the Easter Seals Stars where they pair professional dance instructors with members of the Kingston community for a fundraising evening. Pairs perform to garner votes. At the end of the evening, a winner is crowned and everyone hopes the real winner is the kids who are supported by the services and program offered by Easter Seals.

Enter me, from stage right, with two left feet. I’ve agreed to be a dancer. Those of you who see my tweets know I clomp around in a tap dance class once a week where I alternate between thinking it’s fun and thinking I need to get my head checked. However this event jives with the factors I mentioned above. I’m a mom. I want my kids to see me trying things that I might not be perfect at. I want them to see me try to learn, to conquer a fear (dancing on stage makes me twisty twitch), and to do what I can to help the community we call home. So! Tomorrow I meet my dance instructor and we begin. I’m going to blog it, for posterity and because as the weeks tick past and November draws near, I want a reminder of why I agreed to take this leap. I also wanted no regrets – and how could I turn down an adventure of these proportions? There will be music! There will be dancing! There may even be some sequins. I’m in.

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