This one’s for the girls.

I had a pretty fine day. Dandy, actually. The hi-light, however came tonight as I drove Kid2 home from the dance studio.

Martina McBride’s “This One’s for the Girls” came on the radio and we belted it out at the top of our lungs.

At “Every laugh, laugh line on your face… Made you who you are today…” Claudia yelled “like your forehead, Mummy!” and kept singing.

At “Who wished upon a shooting star….” she yelled “like you taught me, Mummy!” and kept singing. At this point the lump in my throat was too big for me to keep singing. I reached into the backseat where a warm little hand found mine and my heart surged while I swallowed hard. The song ended. Claudia was quiet for a moment, then asked me if everyone knows that song. I said I didn’t think so, and asked her why she was asking.

“I like what it says, about how we are all the same inside” she mused. “But I wonder why she didn’t sing about eight year olds…”

“What do you think she would say if she had?” I asked as we turned into our driveway. She thought for a second and said she didn’t know.

I told her I knew. I told her she would sing that eight year olds are a magical gift that delights and warms the heart. They are shine and happy, sweetness and hope. Claudia happily skipped off into the house while I got our stuff out of the car. I gave thanks for the lines on my face and wished on a star before coming inside.


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2 Responses to This one’s for the girls.

  1. Beautiful. And I love that song. ❤

  2. OverseasCanuck says:

    Just lovely, Jules.

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