Random thoughts from #PIPCON

I was asked to be part of a discussion on happiness. I definitely got more from being asked than the people did who came to hear what I had to say. Random thoughts on PIP from Saturday, March 26th.

You’re going to see any situation through a lens of your own design.

Moments abounded. Biggest one, was hearing of someone’s new-to-Canada aunt crying out and rushing to cup water in her hands that gushed from a kitchen tap, fearful it would be wasted.

When speaking, don’t make the handheld microphone a pretend kaleidoscope and put it to your eye. It’s weird and it will blur your vision.

If comparison is the thief of joy, then sad is the artisan of happiness.


A shadowbox filled with gifts of a photo, a piece of beautiful paper, and someone’s lost marble can stand as a powerful testament to why it’s always best to say “yes” and go for it, than it is to watch life go by.

The goosebumps you get from a simple song, sung sweetly are a sign you get it.

Getting to noodle over something and play with the shapes it takes in your head is a gift of invigorating brain exercise. Ask yourself provocative questions to keep all cylinders firing. What makes you happy? What did you fall in love with today?

I’m most appreciative of Asad Chisti and his vision for PIP for giving me the gift of contemplation and reflection. I am equally appreciative of Moira Browne bringing us all cookies.

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