I am Canadian and I hope you have a nice day.

To the dude who announced “I am soooo sick of Canada!” while I was scraping my car tonight: I didn’t reply, and just stared at you gobsmacked for a number of reasons. One, I liked your shoes. They were dreadfully impractical for the weather, but you can’t go wrong with cognac leather. Two, I didn’t concur. Couldn’t really. Ever. I’m not sick of Canada. I love it. Weather warts and all. Three, I was trying to determine if you were a nutbar. Then I realized I was holding my ice scraper, which while sucky at removing ice, could be applied to a face if personal space needed to be enforced.

Back to point number two. How can you be sick of Canada? This place isn’t just freezing bullets of death ice that rain down the back of your collar while you grit your teeth and scrape your car. It’s lush greens and open spaces. Zing fun and moments that take your breath away. It is liberty and libraries, thankfully neither under threat or being burned.

Canada has rants that make you smile, and vignettes that make you cry. We have politicians who are wankers, and some who are trying their best. We have opinions, the right to express them, and the right to politely ignore or actively disagree with everyone from our local paper to officials in public office. Some of us practice religion and the rest respect the fact that faith is a personal thing, not a reason to judge or an excuse for action.

Yes, Canadian winters are interesting. This one in particular can’t make up its mind to build to a crescendo or just be a series of short, dramatic weather stories. Either way, it will end in a glorious climax of cool nights and warm days, greening trees and Victoria Day weekend. So to you, sir I say get with it. Canada is a treasure and that includes her people and her seasons. I came home tonight and shovelled a cubic tonne of slush from the mouth of my driveway. I didn’t have to do it under cover from mortar fire, and I didn’t have to worry how I would pay for medical attention if I threw out my back in the process.

I’m not sick of Canada. It is all that I am and holds all that I love. I am Canadian and I hope you have a nice day.

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One Response to I am Canadian and I hope you have a nice day.

  1. OverseasCanuck says:

    Right on, Julie! I loved this patriotic article, especially as I no longer get to experience most of the things you mentioned (both good and bad).

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