Trixie Belden and the case of the awesome customer service rep.

I will spare all the details of the first two calls. The one to the guy who told me to call back and re-navigate the auto-teller, only to hang up on me when I asked to be transferred. Then the one that rejected my request for not being able to prove who I was, which put me into hiccupy fits of frustration. What do I do when I am filled with consternation? I turn to Twitter:

IMG_1042What does Twitter do, time and again? It makes my day and life easier, sunshiney, and fun:


So this “DJ” and I had quite the chat. I don’t know anything more about them than their initials and that they are extremely effective at their job, if their job is to diffuse situations and head savage customers off at the pass. We went back and forth until:

IMG_1042DJ and I were zoning now. They had a clear read on the situation and I was completely diverted from my earlier white rage. We had also switched to dm’s:


IMG_1046The happy ending to all of this is that the nameless, faceless rep on Twitter was able to solve my problem in a more pleasant and efficient manner than the living, breathing person who reluctantly (it seemed) answered the phone after I was on hold for 16 minutes. Sure they accessed call notes (I’m curious the adjectives the rep would have used, because I confess I hit conniption levels of snit on the phone), but we’ve come a long way, baby. From tellers knowing your name, to bots answering phones a world away, I now have a means to an end that lets me continue on my day (or my tap class) while things get sorted out for me in the background.


IMG_1049And they all lived happily ever after. This was the final remnant of any banking activity I had with TD. I had signed up for that card when I was in University and literally had not used it in years. Instead of ending with a relieved and exasperated sigh, I leave them with a grin, a wave, and the knowledge that they’re doing something right. It’s nice to see. It’s rare in a company that size. You listening Bell?

The end.

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3 Responses to Trixie Belden and the case of the awesome customer service rep.

  1. Ha, that’s the most awesome Twitter exchange with a company I’ve ever seen.

  2. OverseasCanuck says:

    “Your confirmation number is 6” – I love it! Really, as you mentioned, this was a much more human response than the idiots *ahem* personnel that you usually get on the telephone. Great post, Julie!

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