Random Thoughts – Holidays 2012

I remembered I have a blog. No blather about where the writing went, or what my goals are. I’m just going to start writing again. We had the best holidays *ever.* I’m going to gather some random thoughts about them here, so when I read back in August, or a year or two, I will have something that pulls them to the front of the fray. Let’s get started.

It IS better to give than receive, and when what you give leads to happy tears, you’re the one getting the most out of the deal.

Reacting to a pile of broken ornaments with “An ornament avalanche! Amazing! Any human casualties?” instead of getting angry is much more constructive. They’re broken anyways… onwards.

A child putting a homemade gift in a brown bag, under the tree unbeknownst to you is a measuring stick. If you don’t feel it, you need your emotions adjusted.

The first gift of Christmas.

Good friends respect family traditions. Great friends can join in and its like they always were there.

People refusing to give you hints about gifts they buy you doesn’t mean they’re not fun. It means you’re too good at guessing.

Writing wishes for a New Year in a chilly night sky using sparklers, and at midnight feels magical.

You’re doing your job as a parent if your kids start taking up and talking about family traditions. Tried to skip doing two trees this year. No go. Tried to change where certain decorations go. No go. Older brother carefully preserving “the Santa” thing for his little sister. Done with perfect care.

Seeing an 8-year-old turn to you, and exclaim “Aaahh! I’m so happy my heart feels warm!” is a memorable moment, and the best way to sum up how I feel about the past two weeks.

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3 Responses to Random Thoughts – Holidays 2012

  1. Sigi says:

    You put your holiday season in so beautiful words – it makes me feel warm to my heart as well!

  2. OverseasCanuck says:

    You had me at “my heart feels warm” *sniff*.

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