A momentous gift.

There have been many moments in my world lately. Weddings tend to bring them out. Moments are where your heart is seized by emotion and your tear ducts get squeezed. Where you’re lucky, blessed, and you literally *feel* life.

The one I’m writing about started with one of the best wedding invitations we had seen. Marc and Lauren filmed personalized video wedding invitations for people – I think 160 in total – and distributed them along with a custom wedding website. Would we join them in a celebration of their love. You bet. Marc is my cousin – my mom’s youngest brother’s second son. He’s 8 years younger than I am and I remember hiding my favourite toys from him when they came to visit. This post isn’t about what a snot I was as a kid, though. It’s about Marc’s wedding.

Every detail was considered, they had rented a lodge and surrounding cabins. There were games and activities, all meals planned for, assigned sleeping quarters based on family units and age (no one over the age of 60 got put in a bunk bed). It was as much a family retreat as a wedding. It started Friday afternoon, ended Sunday afternoon and in between Lauren was a beautiful bride and Marc’s happiness made enough shine to counter the sometimes grey skies.

Marc called each and every person who RSVP’d they were coming. He wanted to touch base in case things were busy and there wasn’t a chance to connect at the lodge. Our call came in on a Friday night. In my usual fashion I shot the phone a stink eye when it rang, but 48 minutes later I felt quite differently. Over the course of our conversation Marc asked to speak to Dawson. As Daws took the phone I kept my line open, and got to hear Marc ask if Dawson would help with the wedding and be the ring bearer. Dawson said no problem, he had been a ring bearer before and he had it covered. Marc also asked if Claudia could be in charge of the little flower girls and show them how it’s done. Dawson said no, that would be a disaster (she did it, and did a wonderful job).

The wedding was sweet and personal, informal, and genuine. We crowded into a tiny church as the weather didn’t cooperate for the original plan to be married outside. Kids were burbling, people laughed, the bride glowed, it was lovely. Afterwards Marc and Lauren had a picture taken with all the kids who were there. Some were crying, others were hiding in their flowers, others beamed for the camera. That picture is going to be so neat to see over the years as the kids grow up. As we enjoyed the open bar and people watched the bocce ball and horseshoes games, Marc asked if Daws could come with him for a minute. We headed around to the front of the lodge.

I’ve written about losing our dad before. Being 16 it was a tumultuous time, I honestly lack crisp memories of those days. The impact of being at a family wedding and having such an iconic piece of my father there, given to my son. Well… Yes. You can say I had a moment.

Watch the video.

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3 Responses to A momentous gift.

  1. Monna-Leigh McElveny says:

    Julie – wow – thanks – this was wonderful!
    Monna-Leigh McElveny
    the very proud mother of the bride

  2. Jean McFie says:

    Beautiful moment to have on film Julie
    Love Jean (Susan’s baby sister)

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