39 Acts of Kindness. Part Two

39 drops of kindness fell on Kingston today. Rebecca hopes the ripples will spread and people will share their experiences, letting others in on the secret she now knows; that it feels wonderful to do something nice for someone else.

Maybe you know the young mother who teared up when Rebecca paid for some of her groceries? Perhaps the person who lives in a care facility that received lovely flowers today is your grandmother’s neighbour. It could well be that your kid was on the bus being driven by the man Rebecca handed a card to. She was surprised she woke up last night and couldn’t get back to sleep, for thinking of what she was hoping to do today. Surprised by her emotional reaction to the smallest thing.

As an elderly gentleman gingerly pushed a heavily laden cart to his car, Rebecca fell in step with him. Placing his groceries in his trunk, they exchanged small talk, and when she offered him a quarter, saying she would return his cart, he told her he had paid 26 cents for it. When their eyes met, Rebecca said his smile gave her a lump in her throat. She then crossed paths with a lady heading in to buy groceries. After asking her if it was a big shopping day, Rebecca handed her a quarter and said she hoped she had a great day. The woman stood there, shocked for a moment then chased after Rebecca and gave her a hug. The lump in Rebecca’s throat got bigger.

Her kindness covered the city:

– donated blankets and sheets to the Humane Society

– paid for a portion of a stranger’s gas

– handed out coupons to shoppers who were shopping without one, saving them 40% on their purchase

– put loonies in the vending machines at the grocery store that each and every kid checks, in hopes of finding a coin. The loonie Rebecca put there had notes on them saying “have a nice day.”

– dropped a treat to her daughter’s school secretary

– put a box on her front step with ice cold drinks in it, and a sign welcoming people to take one. Two were gone when she got home.

At one point, Rebecca was astounded at how the universe works. As she was driving downtown, with the intent of delivering a care package to someone who seemed down on their luck, she remembered a particular woman she had seen begging before. Suddenly she spotted the exact person, walking down the opposite side of the street. Her light turned green – a parking spot opened up right in front of her. Four minutes later, the package delivered, Rebecca was back in her car, goosebumps from the coincidence of it all and from having completed the last item on her list.

As we talked about her day, I corrected Rebecca at one point. She hadn’t just done 39 kind acts – the basic premise of her day was in itself a kind act – demonstrating that every little bit counts and that kindness is a gift anyone can give. My friend Rebecca is witty, and she’s smart. She has a great eye for decorating, shoes, and gardening. She’s also kind. I knew it before today, but now 39 more people know it too.

I don’t know how to credit things from Pinterest, but that’s where the two images in this post came from. Rebecca emailed them to me tonight. She wasn’t sure how to put into words what today meant to her. She felt these did the job nicely.


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4 Responses to 39 Acts of Kindness. Part Two

  1. This is lovely! I am so glad you wrote a follow up post! 🙂 Thank you, Rebecca!

  2. OverseasCanuck says:

    *lump* Loved this.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Thank you Julie for all your kind words. It was something I will always remember. Looking forward to doing it again. I have 365 days to plan how to spread kindness and to celebrate my 40th.

    • I can’t wait to see it unfold. Congrats again, for the positive impact you had on not only the 39 people who you touched with kindness, but everyone who hears of what you did and is inspired.

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