39 Acts of Kindness. Part One.

A few days ago I got an email from my friend Rebecca:

I did a self check. Nothing out of the ordinary, considering our ordinary is hectic berserk. I checked with hubby. He hadn’t bemoaned the lack of yummy home cooking here lately. I emailed her back:

(I deleted a domestic detail the interwebs doesn’t need to know). Turns out Rebecca is doing 39 acts of kindness tomorrow. She read a blog about it a  year ago and resolved to do the same thing on her birthday (which I’m not 100% sure when it is, but I’m thinking soon). She has planned her day tomorrow to include as many acts of kindness as she could commit to, some from the blog she read, some from her own idea. Her list includes:

– tape quarters to as many carts at No Frills as possible, to give people a free shopping cart to use

– deliver flowers to a retirement home. Ask for them to be given to someone who could use a pick me up.

– drop a duffel bag full of socks, granola bars, a blanket, some personal hygiene items, and some cash to someone in need

– make dinner for six friends who could use a break

– mail pick-me-up cards to random people

– give blood

– buy a balloon bouquet and give them away to random children

– buy random people coffee who are behind her in line

– drop gift cards for a restaurant to patrons dining there, so a portion of their meal is paid for

– give gift cards to people cashing out their groceries, so their haul is less expensive

That’s not even all of it. She is going to be covering Kingston tomorrow, like a kindness fairy – and all because she loves the idea. People who follow me on Twitter know I am a trustee with Awesome Kingston. This is the kind of idea we would fund. This is selfless, pay it forward, awesome kindness that results in smiles and good energy. And she’s doing it just because.

It’s like this video I saw @Arctic_Red_Wine share on Twitter a few days ago. You don’t have to drop a million dollars. You don’t have to get anything in return. You can make the world a better place by sharing a little of your time and energy.

Thank you Rebecca for the dinner. Thank you even more for sharing this idea that you had with me, and for going out and making Kingston a kinder place tomorrow, in a multitude of different ways. I can’t wait to hear how it goes and if it’s my place at all to say so, I am proud to call you my friend.





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4 Responses to 39 Acts of Kindness. Part One.

  1. How incredible. Earlier this year we were in a tight spot financially. A friend came up to me and handed me a $100 gift card for a local grocery store. She said that someone had done this for her years ago when she really needed it, and it had been laid on her heart that she should pass it on and that we might be blessed by it. It is so incredible how something that isn’t asked for but is freely given can just make everything feel so much better. Thank you friend for being awesome for me!

  2. OverseasCanuck says:

    I really like this idea, Julie. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Brandee says:

    Wow, that is so amazing – I love it. What a kind, generous thing of her to do. The amount of people she will be touching will be even further reaching than she realizes, I think.

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