Perspective on a bad day

Having a bad day? You’re allowed. I am. Or I was until ten minutes ago. Pick a word. I was frustrated, mad, sad, despairing, grumpy, and not letting myself talk myself out of it, because gosh darn it I always do that. I decided to go on Facebook. Maybe there’d be one of those funny pastel postcards that would make me smile. I wanted a sign, something of a reset button on this day.

I saw this. It’s raw. It’s not filmed in today’s technology. But don’t criticize a gift.

I appreciate the perspective it gave me. I’m hardly skipping down the hallway now, but I’m certainly not feeling sorry for myself. My friend @Sean_Browning shared it, he himself is a shot in the arm of fun and awesomeness. Watch it to the end. Ask yourself if you really need to have that dent head on. I did. I don’t. Onwards.

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