Random thoughts from a day at the farm

Memere’s eyesight is going. She thought my “Keep Calm…” pendant said “Keep Clean…” and when I asked what she thought I would need to wear a pendant saying that for she just raised an eyebrow.

The old TV antennae ain’t what she used to be. I used to climb that faster than a cricket shines to get on the roof. Going up it today after a tennis ball in the eavestrough felt like a dangerous survivor challenge.

It is possible to feel physically, mentally, and spiritually renewed after spending time laughing with your sister on a verandah in the sun. Doing so while eating butter tarts and watching kids play in an acre of lawn helps.

I asked Memere if she had seen her verandah toad yet this summer. She said sadly no. Literally two minutes later the cutest mid-sized toad hopped out of the grass onto the step. Thank you for that, universe. I think toads are good luck.

We hadn’t been to the farm since June 20th, which was my 40th… the surprise trip to NYC and going to PEI ate up our summer. I need to go more often. It does my insides good to be outside where I grew up… if I can be permitted to say I am now a grown up.

Remind me to blog the story of Memere and the Ancient Order of Turtles sometime. That old story has come up again recently and seeing her laugh until she cries about it squeezes my heart and reminds me that moms are people too, with history and back stories. I’m lucky we can still spend an afternoon sitting in chairs on a porch, chewing the fat, enjoying some pastries, and occasionally hollering at a kid who is wandering too far.

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