Almost to the end of #BloomingLovely

Tonight marks the end of our summer. We have wrapped up our scheduled time with friends, travelling, cottaging. Now a week of laundry and getting back on sleep, eat, and activity schedules before school starts. I walked around the gardens today. What hasn’t been crisped by the dry summer is starting to wind down for Fall, but two all time favourites are still partying on.

Isn’t it incredible? Sunshine on a stick. I’m too short to take its picture full on, it’s taller than I am and seeded itself – just popped up in front of the big boy irises. I’m going to leave it all winter. It’s fun to see chickadees hanging off it in the Fall.

They glow, don’t they? These also seeded themselves and decided to grow next to the composter. Morning glories make me think of growing up on the farm, picking wild ones and sniffing them so they would stick on my nose. I would weave them into wreaths to wear in my hair on days I took a break from being a tomboy.

Here’s the last one. I was walking back to the front yard and this caught my eye – it’s a real live Truffula! It’s actually a seed pod from a clematis that clambers up the fence by the back gate. Is it not so fabulous and neat, though? And as plants go, I’m not sure I’ve seen a naturally occurring one that looks so much like a Truffula tree.

I like to think the Lorax would approve of our yard. Stuff springs up where it falls, provides shelter and food for nature’s critters, and there’s never a lick of anything chemical or foreign that mother nature doesn’t put there herself. It was a tremendous year for gardening. As things wind down for the Fall, and potted asters hit the stores, I’m looking back on one of the best summers I ever had. Gardening, or otherwise this year was all about the return of life to things that hadn’t bloomed in years. That’s blooming lovely, for sure.


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