Artful accessories

The Women’s Art Festival was today – my friend and I have gone seven years in a row. Really quite proud of that record, actually. She’s a great friend! Here’s our score this year – I’m all about quantity of accessories. Must post a picture of my accessory wall when it’s been tidied up a bit. I’m a venti chai latte into things and am finding it hard to settle into a good writing mode… forgive the staccato sentences!

First purchase of the day – always good to buy a bag to carry everything else in! This was $8 and I love it. Made by international women’s sewing collective in #ygk… wish I could remember the proper name! I will use it for notebooks and pens and my iPad and whatever I am reading.

These are scrabble tiles podged with fun bright neat bits and a melted marble! See the butterfly-ish thing? That’s the coloured bit from inside the marble. $18 for all three, artist’s card included there. This festival supports local women’s services and organizations. I am a scrabble nerd and a believer in Karma. These were must have for me.

My cat likes art too. This is Audrey in my new shopper bag. I always have one on me and it does reduce the plastic bags I put into rotation. This is made of nylon flag material, by same women’s co-op. It made a great swishy sound when she went in it, she got all wild-eyed wrangy which I love that she still does at 14 years old! This was $5. Woman who made it swore it’s durable – It could rip after three uses, I won’t care. It supported a new-to-Canada and Kingston woman getting on her feet. Totally worth it and fun!

This is a copper and black chain link bracelet! I got hubby an all-black bigger one. I kind of had to, when I saw the artist’s company name. They’re by Thor’s Trinkets out of Brockville and they’re hand made and must take forever! Cat now fully into her modelling job. Enthused as you can see.

The day’s treasures also included several pairs of earrings, a caramel cupcake that was an experience unto itself, watching kid2 enjoy watching the Veil of Isis belly dancers and another pendant that’s glass with a flower in it but I had a hard time getting a picture of it. Audrey thought it was fascinating. It really is pretty!!

It’s great to see such creativity and talent and support people in the pursuit of their art. In another world, with more time and less commitments I would totally sign up for belly dance, more pottery classes, and start painting again. Until then I can blog, colour in the kids colouring books when they’re not looking, and of course, daydream!

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