Olympic writing exercise

We’ve been giving the kids writing assignments. Kid1 is an ongoing project as we work together to keep academics a priority. Kid2 gets added in as younger siblings often do. She’d be writing anyways… this just gives her some structure. We write an index card two times a week and leave it on the counter with a due date. An unexpected but pleasant result has been some wonderful additions to their memory tubs (I don’t scrapbook. I toss in rubbermaid tubs) like these:

Assignment: Write what sport you think you would want to compete in (summer Olympics). Why? Describe your uniform. What skills would you need to be very good in your sport? Bonus question: Summer Olympics are every four years. When are the next ones?

Kid1 – he’s 10. And a soccer nut. Typed as he spelled it all out:

“The sport I would do is men’s soccer because I already have a carear and I know what I have to know to make the Canadian National team and I just would love to have the chance to try out and make the team. Also I know the coach and what formation they like to play, they play a 2 4 5 formation. Also I think with new recruits that have seen them play before I could help them with some mistakes like my teammates could help them and tell them some of the mistakes and where the strikers could be on free kicks so they can help out. My uniform would be red with a flag above my heart and a white one with a Canadian flag above my heart. The skills I would need are technical skills with a ball and ball control so if a ball goes really high I can control it, not have it go flying away from me and to the other team. Need to have a firm pass and a hard shot.”

Kid2. She just turned 8. She’s all about dance and music:

“My favourite sport is synchronized swimming. Why because the way the swimmers show it. My costume would have a streak of yellow across the middle, a little box with the Canadian flag in it, near my right shoulder, red for the top and blue for the bottom. For my skills I would need posture, very strong legs, flexibility, and a whole lot of believing in myself. ”

They both got the bonus question right. Because we want to show Kid1 how important this is, his dad and I also did this writing exercise. Jeff picked decathlon. Rather obvious choice, superstar all around athlete. I picked table tennis. Because then no one could beat me at the cottage and I would play for naps and back rubs.

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