Thanking Jo Marsh.

I haven’t been able to quiet my mind lately. To find my zone and bounce along, as I do, from forty million thoughts to yet one more thought about what needs to be done, who needs what, and where we are going. To try and get back to cruising speed, tonight I picked up my copy of “Little Women.” I treasure that book. The first time I read it, I found a toehold towards a sense of self in the character of Jo Marsh.

Never perfectly composed, Jo was rough around the edges, loved books, writing, and using her imagination to make the best of things. Her inability to mask her feelings was exacerbated by how she always said what was on the tip of her tongue and her capacity to feel and express joy was infectious. I randomly opened the book to the part where Amy is heading off on her overseas trip. Jo finds it in herself to be happy for her sister, and eventually ends up taking a governess job in the big city. Once there, she begins “…to see that character is a better possession than money, rank, intellect or beauty…”

I needed to see that in black and white tonight. I needed the reminder that trusting your gut works for me. I needed validation that I don’t take the easy way out – I never have, and I needed a shot in the arm from Jo Marsh that things work out alright in the end, for girls like us. Onwards on a new adventure tomorrow. Onwards in my usual chipper fashion, choosing to see the good versus the bad, and the why versus the why not. Onwards.

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2 Responses to Thanking Jo Marsh.

  1. Moira Browne says:

    🙂 I utterly trust my gut, and I don’t take the easy way out either and sometimes that leads to a thorny path, but more often than not, the path opens up onto a meadow. It’s just brushing the brambles off along the way that can be taxing. I will share my machete with you any day.

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