Awesome t-shirts, I had to tweet it.

Ever see something and know you absolutely have to have it? Ever have that justified by the fact they have your size, which happens to be a youth large? Ever wear something meant for a kid, but it makes you feel skippy happy anyways? I’m a trustee with Awesome Kingston. We’re a team of people making Kingston more awesome. Look what I found!

Awesome t-shirt

I am also a prolific tweeter. I simply like talking, on whatever channel is open, and the speed, diversity, richness, and frivolity of Twitter makes my day. Kid2 showed this to me in the store. We are both pretty big bird nerds. I like to think people like me are the green bird and the pink bird is people who take themselves too seriously, and who tweet robotic, formulaic tweets. I’m not saying that’s bad. Just it’s not what makes me happy.

Twitter shirt!

$14 for two new t-shirts later, I’m pretty pleased with myself. Good on ya, Old Navy.

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