Random Thoughts on Father’s Day

Went for a ride on the bike today. Picked up an old friend in Tweed and headed north. I did that drive every weekend from when I was born until the year dad got sick. I would stare out the car window, all year ’round, and daydream… funny the random thoughts that can pop into your mind when you’re being passengered along. Random thoughts from a day spent outside and on the move:

I wonder what ever happened to that friend I rode through Algonquin Park with so many times during the summer of 1990. I balanced the beer, he steered around moose. He’s the only person I ever met who was hit by lightning and survived.

My Docs would make a top ten list of my prized possessions. block heel, 14 hole, still shiny black in some places. Best overdraft on a pay check ever.

My dad would have turned 80 last Sunday… days like today would have made him itch to be outside. When he wore shorts his legs were so pale they looked blue. I am his daughter.

It’s perfectly alright to sit and dangle your toes in the Mazinaw when it’s still frigid at this time of year. It’s much better to simply jump in and get over the shock.

There is something primally attractive about a guy strong enough to catch a bike you’ve hopped on that is tipping over. That attraction is even more so if he’s nice about it.

Happy Father’s Day to Kid1 and 2’s dad. He trims their nails better than I can, stays calm when they’re bleeding, and is easy for them to pick out in a crowd. Our kids know he is there for them in the same sure way that the sun comes up each morning. They know the sound of his laughter and they know the feel of his giant crushing hugs. They are the part of him he most treasures, and he is the father to them that they deserve.

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One Response to Random Thoughts on Father’s Day

  1. Nan says:

    As usual Jules…..your writing is touching. I’m sure Jeff will feel some special after reading this. . I’m sure today is bitter sweet for you. Missing your own dad but knowing your kids have an amazing dad. Hopefully that makes you smile as well as your memories.

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