A moment of shine.

The last class of tap was tonight. All there is left is recital run through and dress rehearsal. Then a show on stage under the lights. I would rather get up there and talk in my underwear than dance in front of a crowd. Honest. I am confident I could distract enough with my words you would get over my uninteresting gitch. That’s not the point of this post.

The skies peeled open and slammed Kingston with rain tonight. Both kids were at soccer, kid1 scored two goals and then had his game called. Didn’t reduce his excitement that he put one in with his right foot after a smooth deke on the goalie. Kid2 had to leave her game early to get to the studio. She dances when I do. Actually, I dance because she does. My inability to sit still lead me to sign up for the adult tap class. Hence we were both at the studio just now, doing our thing. That’s somewhat the point of this post.

After soccer Kid2 was soaked. She squeegeed out of her cleats in the car and I piggybacked her into and out of the dance studio, as we had forgotten other shoes for her to wear. As we left the studio, she swung herself onto my back. My purse was around my neck, she had her dance shoes in her hand and I had my tap shoes slung over my arm. We careened through the doors of the studio and stopped in our tracks.

Have you ever noticed a particular moment of a particular day for a specific reason? Tonight at 8:10 in Amherstview the sky was in parts stormy grey and golden calm. The rain had stopped and as we stepped out the door, drops were falling from the treetops, getting caught in the sunlight. It looked like a light show, they were gold and huge and falling in slow motion, gathering first on leaf tips for added impact. “Ooohh” kid2 said from my back as we stood there. “Oh Mommy look at the diamonds the sun is making!”

I had one of my moments, feeling quite hugely the scene I was in. A year of dance class ending, my precious dancer on my back, hanging tight around my neck. Heading home to boys I couldn’t wait to see, to hear about the goals and laugh about getting soaked on separate soccer fields. I thought I should put kid2 down, try and get a picture of the drops but instead I asked if she was ready. She squealed and hung on tight as I twirled her under the trees, catching the biggest and shiniest of the drops on her upturned face. I didn’t need the camera to capture that moment. If I ever see a photo of something similar, I will know the photographer saw what I did – incredible beauty in a tiny window of the right light, the right place, and in my case, the right life.


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