So much #bloominglovely

I don’t want to be that person… the one who worries too much. But if we are having this kind of a May, what is August going to be like? I shall channel my inner Scarlett and worry about that another day. Until then there is just too much blooming in the gardens to be worried about anything beyond who’s crowding who and what needs more sun!

We have only had snippets of time out there, we’ve been on the road so much. I can’t wait for the day when I just putter and lose time digging in the dirt. It’s coming soon, now that we have put competitive dance and piano behind us.

I actually consider this flower a rash, it spreads and is irritating in the garden. But for all the work it makes, it sure puts on a lovely show! Last picture coming up. I think it’s dreamy, don’t you? It’s an everyday average lupin, but when you look closely at something you see everyday, there are often details you miss. I like being reminded about the little, simple things that make up a whole that I love. I like that I see beauty in everyday things.

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