Pictures of letters say a *gazillion* words…

Time stamp: 10 p.m. ish Thursday night, placed on floor in doorway to his room, so he would see it when he first woke up.

Time stamp: 6:00 a.m. ish this morning. Placed on my beside table, so quietly I didn’t hear him.


– as a family joke we sign notes from the cat (Audrey) or fish (Raspberry)

– I had asked him last night how he did on his French test… he got a C and didn’t feel that was good enough. He failed his last one, though so that’s progress!

I think every day is Mother’s Day for the gifts we are given when our kids touch our hearts like this. Happy weekend to anyone who gives guidance, demonstrates patience, and feels inexplicable love at a simple note written in a child’s hand.

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3 Responses to Pictures of letters say a *gazillion* words…

  1. onecrazykid says:

    Oh my goodness, Julie, that is so precious and sweet. I love that you are so close with your kids, and that the feeling is so obviously reciprocated by them. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  2. aliciafagan says:

    I just love this. Like a lot. You inspire me to be the best Mother I can be.

    • Alicia, that is heady praise from someone who I see as having fully earned their mothering stripes!! Thank you. As your boys grow you will find that small things like notes and a sense of humour keep them close and knowing you love them with everything you’ve got!!

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