Six letter word for gratitude: turkey

A couple of months ago I was sitting at the dance studio. Classes were in progress, the parents and siblings were doing what we so often do – killing time while our dancers do all the work. A kid beside me was playing hangman on his mom’s blackberry. He had a five letter word, and his clue was “bird.”

I told him I thought the answer was turkey.

It wasn’t. He started a new game. Six letter word, clue was “fruit.” I told him I thought the answer was turkey. In the weeks that followed, when he did well at skating or even if I was texting his mom about something unrelated, I asked her to pass messages along to her son for me. The message was always “turkey.”

This same kid’s sister has, for the past couple of years had birthday parties where she asks for donations to local animal shelters in lieu of gifts. This year she and another dancer had birthdays at the same time, so they combined their parties. Together they gave $300 to Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre, where we took the baby bunnies a year ago!

While attending the Sandy Pines spring open house last weekend, each kid brought something to their mom. They wanted to buy me cards featuring photographs of owls – it is common knowledge I’m big into owls, I usually have one on a necklace or ring, and my iPad wallpaper is one, as was my Facebook profile picture for a while. Their mom was standing there contemplating it when her son’s eye fell on something that sealed the deal.

I framed them and they now hang in my office at work. There’s so much major good wrapped up in this gesture that I don’t know where to begin.

Kids with fully formed senses of humour to roll with an odd adult’s warped sense of humour are fun. Kids giving up birthday presents to make a donation to a local charity are amazing. Both kids seeing an awesome photograph and wanting me to have it is touching. The universe putting a turkey card where his eye would see it is too perfect. A friend buying the cards so her kids could give them to me is generous and sweet. All of these facets combine to create shine, which I feel lucky to have received. Hope your day includes some shine. Have you given some to someone lately? It can be the best way to get some in return.

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