Random thoughts: #GardenUp

When I was in high school I was friends with a guy who had a really funny name. It was funny because it was the same name as a celebrity. I have no idea where he ended up, but he used to write me notes that were collections of his random thoughts. I loved them, think of them to this day and am going in that mode, to capture thoughts of this evening, which was the first of what will hopefully be many #GardenUps

A sure sign of a nice person is one who graciously accepts and eats a piece of coffee cake a 10 year-old has manhandled onto their plate, in an over-eager desire to be helpful and grown up.

There is something both invigorating and comforting about the smell of garlic. FYI you can eat the greens from a garlic plant. I drool at the very thought.

I should use the white teapot more than the dark brown one.

My penchant for collecting columbine plants is not as oddball as I secretly feared. I can proudly say I have seven different columbine plants. Hope to add to that this year.

I will forever and always have a soft spot for youngsters with a healthy obsession with dinosaurs.

It’s okay to admit if you have driven past London, Ontario without noticing any of the four exits off the 401. It’s not just us who has done that.

It is kind of neat that our tea cups are brand new while our plates and bowls are all faded. Use, handling, general life softens the lines on all things. That’s just how it is.

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