Blooming Lovelies – start of May

What a weekend. Weekends like this are what they made the word “glorious” for. I wish I could have squeezed as much in as I tried to, but I had to listen to reason and postpone some stuff. The bits we did do were rejuvenating and refreshing. Dinner with friends, a road trip on the bike, family sightings, and gardening. Epic, dirty knees, knocking dirt out of the boots, cracked out the straw cowboy hat full-on gardening.

Here’s who has joined the party blooming in the garden. Cheated a bit and took some of these shots at dusk with the flash.

There are tons of plants available to gardeners these days. Big, fancy, hard to pronounce the names of plants… but I like to grow things I recognize and that are reminders for me of times and places I’ve been. Irises and bridal wreath spirea  make me think of the farm house I grew up in. Columbine make me think of the old days in general and traditions like respecting your elders and paying it forward. I know… seems weird.

Today Kid2 was helping me garden. We sat in the grass and chatted about everything under the sun. We talked about how nice it is to use hand clippers to trim under the fence by hand. We own a weed eater, but when I sit in the grass and work my way along, it’s as close to a zen moment as I can have. My zen today was a bit interrupted when kid2 started to talk in a Texas drawl (perplexing but extremely cute). We puttered around and planted some seeds I found in a drawer. We’ll see if they amount to anything, but for the fun and sweet simplicity of time I had with the kids planting them, they’ve already come up roses.

This is my pet columbine.. Memere gave it to me… every year I’m glad to see it. Forgive me the giant photos in this post… it lets me carry some of my favourites from the garden with me.

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