I spy a #freecompliment

I have written about #freecompliments before and really do hope people have checked them out. It’s a neat and easy way to bring more awesome into someone’s day. In fact, you can easily get equipped to spread some joy by visiting here.

A couple of weeks ago I was clearing out my bag at the dance studio. I often use time spent there to organize my lists and hamster nest of a sack that I call a purse. While doing so, I found a tear sheet of free compliments tucked in a Moleskine.* I wrote kid2’s name on one, and handed it to her when she came out of dance class.

“You make my heart sing…” she read, and looked at me with a huge smile. I explained to her what the tear sheet was about, and that was all it took. She nabbed my pen and started writing the names of her dance friends on the remaining compliments. Not randomly, mind you – but with thought and care. She even gave one to her dance teacher.

Tonight as I was putting her to bed, my eye fell on something stuck to her lamp. When I asked her if she put it there, she said yes – that she found it in her dance bag and wanted to keep it. She said she likes when she sees it, because it reminds her that I love her and she loves music.

It’s just a slip of paper, yet it conjures love and music and creates joy and security. As I turned out her light I was struck by the thought that grand gestures or expensive tokens aren’t required to show someone how much they mean to you. Grabbing them into a hug in the midst of a busy moment, or yes, even texting them that you’re thinking of them can be enough. I know I’ve never scoffed at someone for doing something minor to tell me I mean something to them. I have, however noticed when they’ve done nothing at all. Pay someone a compliment tomorrow. For something that’s free, it’s worth more than I know how to measure.

*I am a freak for notebooks, and just lost 35 minutes of my life at the mere mention of Moleskines because I went and visited their website. Where I saw this sweet hilarity – sending analog text messages:


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