Goal Post: May 2012

The recipe for this month is easy, but it’s going to make quite an impressive dish:

2 dance competitions, one on the long weekend in Burlington…

3 incidents of wrinkle-inducing frustration from driving. At least. I’m sure.

1 family trip to see Bring it On. Kid2 is uber excited. Kid1 not sure what is going on, but is rolling with it.

3 dinners with friends… one of which I have to prepare the food for. That always leads to a couple cases of heartburn and one giant twist for me (am not a foodie).

.5 of a family wedding – half of us are at the dance comp, half will hit the wedding.

2 heaping new things I have never done before – teaching 1.5 hours and testing some consultant-like wings.

Sprinkle on top of this the regular dance studio nights, soccer practices, play dates, birthdays, piano and guitar lessons, and volunteer commitments and May should be a multi-coloured, undulating mass of this, that, and everything as it whips past.

As the chef responsible I repeatedly ask myself how I end up stretched like this, without a free evening in sight. Inevitably I attribute it to doing as much with this one life we’re given. Which leads me to my song of the moment. Seems the only songs of the moment I talk about are by Hedley. One Life. Have you heard it? It’s great. After hearing it blasted in the car for the umpteenth time the kids and I talked about it. We agree that life is busy. We also agree we are on the ride together, so that makes it all worth it. Happy May, everyone!

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