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So much #bloominglovely

I don’t want to be that person… the one who worries too much. But if we are having this kind of a May, what is August going to be like? I shall channel my inner Scarlett and worry about that … Continue reading

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Pictures of letters say a *gazillion* words…

Time stamp: 10 p.m. ish Thursday night, placed on floor in doorway to his room, so he would see it when he first woke up. Time stamp: 6:00 a.m. ish this morning. Placed on my beside table, so quietly I … Continue reading

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Random thoughts: #GardenUp

When I was in high school I was friends with a guy who had a really funny name. It was funny because it was the same name as a celebrity. I have no idea where he ended up, but he … Continue reading

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Six letter word for gratitude: turkey

A couple of months ago I was sitting at the dance studio. Classes were in progress, the parents and siblings were doing what we so often do – killing time while our dancers do all the work. A kid beside … Continue reading

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Blooming Lovelies – start of May

What a weekend. Weekends like this are what they made the word “glorious” for. I wish I could have squeezed as much in as I tried to, but I had to listen to reason and postpone some stuff. The bits … Continue reading

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I spy a #freecompliment

I have written about #freecompliments before and really do hope people have checked them out. It’s a neat and easy way to bring more awesome into someone’s day. In fact, you can easily get equipped to spread some joy by visiting … Continue reading

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Goal Post: May 2012

The recipe for this month is easy, but it’s going to make quite an impressive dish: 2 dance competitions, one on the long weekend in Burlington… 3 incidents of wrinkle-inducing frustration from driving. At least. I’m sure. 1 family trip … Continue reading

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