Blooming lovelies – end of April

Forgive me any typos in this post, my hands are a little frozen. I was just outside playing with the macro setting on my camera – and I came up with some snapshots that I love because they show all the loveliness that is popping up in the gardens.

The kids came on the garden tour with me. They’re hooked – they love the outside time, learning names of plants, tenderly cupping blooms and can squish Asian lily beetles like a pro. Kid2 “tsks” how the strawberries are taking over and reminded me we need to separate some hostas. Kid1 spotted the lungwort blooming under a yet to be cleared section of garden. He also wants to plant habanero peppers again, because he likes watching his dad’s face go red when he eats them.

There’s no question that I love watching things grow and blossom. All it takes is the right mix of care and time, a watchful eye and room for everyone to reach their full potential. Oh, and I like gardening, too.


My mother’s day present from a couple years ago. When the blooms burst it looks like clouds tacked to a little tree.




No one pays much attention to lilacs when they’re at this stage, but they smack of such potential!




I should have been a botanist, I find plant structure so fascinating and beautiful. The patterns in this lupin leaf are hypnotizing.


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4 Responses to Blooming lovelies – end of April

  1. Shari says:

    Looks like lots of changes since we were last there! Such beautiful pictures! Time for Tim & I to come by for Garden Tour #2 I think.

  2. If you do end up growing some peppers, habanero or paprika or other. We can smoke up the peppers for you. Wonderful flavour, and sometime very intense heat. Depending on pepper of course.

  3. OverseasCanuck says:

    Wow, that last photo is National Geographic-worthy! Love it (even though some were flowers mumble, grumble…)

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