Morning gifts

I’m still in bed. I woke up a half hour ago and have been presented with gifts ever since. It’s not my birthday, it’s just a Saturday. Maybe a somewhat special Saturday because it’s a long weekend. Either way, since my eyes opened I’ve received gift after gift. Are you seeing the gifts that you’re given?

Gift #1. I didn’t have to go to WalMart.

We might have forgotten Easter one year. I wrote about it here: and this year we came fairly close. Easter is tomorrow and the only chocolate in the house is a half-gnawed Santa and some chocolate chips that are still under the fridge from when kid2 dropped the bag. My gift in all of this? Hubby got up at 6:45 on his holiday weekend to hit WalMart for a grocery shop and to grab Easter goodies. I was almost giddy with relief I didn’t have to go.

Gift #2. Mother Nature doing her thing.

I spent yesterday afternoon outside. It was bliss and I am super hoping part of this day can be spent doing more of the same. As I cuddled under the covers just now, my eye fell on a bird outside my western-facing bedroom window. The sun is just coming up, so the bird was hilighted. It’s a cardinal, singing it’s fool head off. They make me think of my dad, and remind me of the origins of onwards, which is my personal motto. A lovely sight and sound to wake up to. Thank you Mother Nature.

Gift #3. They’re sitting right here. Kid1 and 2 have their noses in books. I periodically hear the flip of a page, or they tell me something they read. I was given these gifts (or delivered them myself, however you want to see it) ten and seven years ago, but every day I do pause and realize they are the best thing I have ever received. I will need to remember that today when I am bustling through hair and makeup changes, costume and tights frenzies at kid2’s competitive dance rehearsal.

Noticing what we have in our lives that is special is something I see people forget to do. Being grateful is so simple and rewarding, yet often people focus on the wrinkles instead of the silk. The fabric of my life is simple – but I couldn’t honestly ask for more.

P.s. My little point and shoot camera is broken.. it turns on, I can snap off one photo, then it turns off again. I need to get it fixed, I miss taking snaps – this was reinforced by the pictures I did snap this morning. Isn’t he lovely?

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