Before and After… aka Starting the gardens

Aren’t before and after moments priceless? They let you see how far you came. A bad “before” can help illustrate how lovely the after is. I thought about this for three hours as I turned two of my front flower beds from snarly messes back into edged, composted, full of blooming potential lovelies in my yard.

Here are the before shots:






Small note: Ignore the lawn. I don’t grow grass, it’s there and it does whatever… we don’t spray or fret, instead we like that our kids can catch frogs in our lawn and rabbits live here too. And none have two heads or glow in the dark.



And the after:

It does my insides good to be outside. As the kids biked up and down the road, and the birds made a racket, I enjoyed an afternoon of just being in my space. I can feel the work I did in my back and arms. I also feel it in a kind of third sense – the same feeling I get from my house being totally clean and organized. It’s hard to describe, that sense… it’s a combination of satisfaction for a day’s work well done and peace mixed with calm. If I had to give it a word, it would be content. All is right in my world, and my gardens are just one facet that shows that.




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