I have a fat heart and couldn’t be happier.

Last night I got in the tub. It was snowing out, I was cold and I had a beer. Perfect tub time! Except I also had an audience.

Kid2 was at loose ends, we had said they could stay up past their bedtime but she was tired, out of sorts. When she realized I was in the tub, she wanted to join me. I had mounds of bubbles for cover, and I knew it would make her pass out to relax in a tub. So in she hopped.

We soaked and chatted, made epic hand animals with bubbles, and chatted some more. Eventually I was dozing, eyes closed enjoying the peace. I asked her to sing me a song, to help me relax. I had the following warbled to me, to the tune of “Oh Christmas Tree.” I asked her to sing it again this morning, to her father to prove I hadn’t been hearing things.

“Oh mommy-mom, Oh mommy-mom, I love you true-ooooo-ooo-lllly

Your heart is smooth, and round with fat

I love you soooo much more for that.

Oh mommy-mom, oh Mommy-mooooom

I love your big fat heart.”

I’ve been humming it all day. Maybe the fat around my heart is why I felt it surge when I heard her little song.

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3 Responses to I have a fat heart and couldn’t be happier.

  1. Nektar says:

    Oh Julie, that is just gorgeous!!! Something to definitely write down,…..or even better get her to sing it to your iPhone!!! Gorgeous and beautiful..thanks for sharing!!

  2. April :) says:

    Love it! That’s the best ear worm a mommy can have! 🙂

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