Goal Post: March

March 2012 is going to be about two things: family and fitness.

1. Fitness. I’m running again – but I’m a better runner when I work out rather than just go all Forrest Gump. So I’m back to “dating” my Nike Training Club app and am eyeing Insanity again, even though it freaked me out last time I dallied with it. I absolutely love Twitter for the access to motivation, reminders, and information it provides. I will be dusting off my active-tweeps and runner lists and drawing on the amazing people I “know” from Twitter who make it seem so easy.

2. Family. We have never charted epic March Breaks. We’re too cheap to travel at such a peak time. Instead, we whip the kids into a frenzy about everyday adventures. We give them each a pad of sticky notes and they get to write their ideas down as to what they think would be fun to do. Last year’s list included a sundae-eating contest, Wii tournament, movie marathon, bowling, sleeping in the tent in the basement, attempting to tape a kid to a wall, and Nerf battle. As we did things, we checked them off. The week ended with them thinking of what they wanted to do next year. Guess we’ve started a tradition.

Not the loftiest of goals, but in my constant quest to feel like I’m not wasting a moment of this short and precious gift of life we’re given, I feel like I have the right stuff in my sights.

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3 Responses to Goal Post: March

  1. Nektar says:

    I love, love, love the sticky note idea!! You don’t have to leave home to have an adventure I say!! We have spent many years constructing play tents, and staring at our map and dreaming but are off on a chance of a lifetime trip to South American and Africa. We are waiting on a job for James, I am in the throes of getting my business up and “thriving”, and our house is on the market…what better time, right??

    At the end of the day, it’s all about connection to each other and it’s clear to me that you’re growing strong, enthusiastic kids just by being you. How fantastic is that?

    On the running front, I have stopped……have gone back to basics of walking and realigning my spine and body. I still miss running though but have promised myself that I must be kind to my body and heal those things that need healing before pushing on. good luck with all your goals!!! Glad we connected!!

    • Oooooh what an incredible adventure that trip is going to be! Can you Tweet along the way?? Agree. No time like the now to live life. And excellent perspective on running. It’s too easy to over do it and your body tells you when enough is enough! I’m glad we’ve connected too. Have enjoyed your blog and photos via Facebook the odd time I venture there – this will keep me more updated!

      • Nektar says:

        Am slowly getting there with tweeting!! Have linked my Nektar Facebook page to my Twitter account so at least it will get updates from there while I get used to using it…lol!! Yes! Great to connect!!

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