End Zone: February

Quick review for me on the goals I blathered on about 29 days ago. It keeps me honest to put it in writing.

1. Run. I got out and got some K’s in. Each run was progressively faster, farther, smoother. I was so ding darned happy about being out and at it again I went and committed to a race. More on that later. Suffice to say I’m back at it. My feet and legs are strong, my lungs are coming back online. I’m lending “Born to Run” to a friend who needs a boost in his running. I might read it again for a reminder of the boost it gave me.

2. Work housekeeping. Done. I have been given a new project that’s due date coincides with year-end and the beginning of kid2 competitive dance season. I’m going to be hopping busy for the next month, but that’s how I like it *cracks knuckles, breathes deep.* Onwards!

3. Write more. I churned out a few more posts than I had been averaging.  I also wrote letters – old-fashioned, pen to paper letters that require a stamp. That’s the writing I’m most proud of. One was to the husband of Memere’s best friend. Mama June passed away last month. She and her husband were an example to us of friendship and love spanning decades. I told him how we will remember her for being laugher and light, suntanned and warmth. She was also the only person to call Memere by her nickname. She was special and she will be missed.

February rocked for a lot of other reasons. Epic month, being leap year and all. Awesome Kingston pitch party was amazing. As MC I got to ride the energy and excitement and Kingston grew more awesome for every idea and smile that was showcased that night. Did Toronto on a date night for dinner and a show, enjoyed family time, friends time, birthdays, and took two old dolls to dinner with Dawn and cemented my belief that it doesn’t matter how old you are, it matters how you approach each day you’re given. Tied one on with old friends and cooked up new adventures I’m looking forward to already. I’m pleased there were moments of this month I can treasure and that I will remember. March on!

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