Dear Mother Nature #freecompliments

Dear Mother Nature. Tonight’s sunset was inspiring. You know the one? You tossed it on a random Thursday in February. It had sombre periwinkle clouds that ranged to light purple – like the paper on a crayon that’s been left in the sun.

The shiny parts were vibrant orange, like light brite pegs. You even tossed in some crepuscular rays. That made it all really quite spectacular. Nice job. Well done as you put this day to bed. Just wanted you to know I appreciated it.

One last thing; I recently heard someone talking about an idea they have – to start the spread of free compliments. Her idea involves tear sheets and passing notes with uplifting and positive messages on them – you can read more about it here: Wouldn’t it be neat if more people who blog dedicated a simple post to sharing a #freecompliment? What a neat way to pay it forward – sharing it on the web where it can stand forever as a positive speck of light. There’s no way we could compare to the light shows you put on in the sky of course… but it would be really cool if we backed up your efforts by spreading some shine of our own.

Thanks again, Mother Nature. Great job.

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