A truly awesome evening.

Last night I got to see people stepping forward, speaking up for their hopes and dreams.  I met new people, and got to see friends I hadn’t in too long. I saw how awesome my home town really is, and I saw how people in Kingston – just everyday people like you and me – are willing to make this world a better place.

Awesome Kingston pitch parties provide the best dose of optimism and hope anyone could ask for. Want to know that every little bit counts? Need to believe that one person can make a difference? Listen to ideas people have to make their piece of this planet a better place. An art showcase. Better, safer playgrounds for children. Cultural events that draw the best of the best to compete, to visit, to perform.

As each person stepped up, you could tell how much their idea meant to them. Some were visibly nervous. Some spoke rapid fire, to optimize their 90 seconds for their pitch. Each and every one spoke with conviction about their idea, its importance to them, and its potential to impact Kingston in awesome ways. I am lucky to get this dose of hope once a month. Not everyone gets insight along these lines; that there are good people trying to do awesome things for no reason other than it’s worth it.

One of the pitches was to generate a wave of compliments in Kingston via free tear sheets, posters, and compliment jars. While it didn’t receive the grant, it did drum up a bunch of support. Visit http://freecomplimentskingston.tumblr.com/ and check out Pamela’s awesome idea. It is a gesture that will send ripples of positive out from you just taking the first step and complimenting someone. On a day dedicated to random acts of kindness, that’s pretty awesome.

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